Brookhaven takes on Pink Pony

The City of Brookhaven may be headed for its first big—
and expensive—legal fight.
Aubrey Villines, attorney for the Pink
Pony adult entertainment club, says he’ll be filing suit should the city
choose to amend its ordinance in a way that could adversely affect
“I call it the Brookhaven Full Employment Act,” Villines
quipped. Read more.

Georgia General Assembly opens

For the 152nd time, the Georgia General Assembly (GGA) will start its Session on Monday, starting with swearing in members en masse in both the Senate and House chambers.

The first week is considered “largely ceremonial,” in GGA lingo, and each session last 40 business days. Don’t expect those days to be consecutive. Many weeks, the Legislature skips Monday or Friday.

When budget numbers began tumbling a few years ago, the Legislature met into April while, in part, the Governor and other leaders eagerly awaited more exact revenue numbers.

State Sen. Fran Millar offered his opinion about where a few key issues are headed: Read more.

CEO Ellis sworn in searched

DeKalb County’s own “Water-gate” took what many are calling an unexpected turn.

Last week CEO Burrell Ellis testified before the grand jury about the allegations of corruption in the watershed management department. His appearance before the grand jury came only a few days after he and the members of the DeKalb County Commission were sworn in before an audience of several hundred people.

While Ellis was answering questions, DeKalb District Attorney Robert James and other law enforcement officials searched Ellis’ residence as well as other sites, including his CEO office in the Manuel Maloof building in downtown Decatur as well as the county’s information technology, purchasing and elections offices. Read more.


Prepare beds for bare-root roses that will soon arrive in nurseries. Dig an area four feet wide and twelve inches deep for each plant, adding plenty of soil conditioner to the soil.

Water poinsettias only as needed – when the top inch of the soil becomes dry to the touch. Keep them in bright light but cool temperatures. Do not fertilize until March. Now is a great time to drain and replace the oil in your mower and to have the blade sharpened or to replace it completely. Read more. 



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