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When you are concerned with your and your country’s future, trust a:TIMES NEWS to report the news that has the greatest impact on your life. Our community journalists focus on local, political, environmental and health news.


 A:TIMES NEWS prints articles from Democratic, Republican and Independent viewpoints. Be surprised to find your understanding of the other sides of the story grow a little bit by reading in depth articles from each political party.  Some of the hot topics our experts focus on:

                                        Above:  17,000 centrifuges in Iran enriching Plutonium for nuclear fuel.  Facility hidden in mountain to escape satellite                                                                   detection. Discovered by Iran Resistance leader Maryam Rajavi who reported this facility to the US and the world.

Environmental Protection

A:TIMES NEWS citizen journalists are environmental, nuclear, solar and electrical engineers and applied biologists who help explain: What is so bad about GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms), clear cutting ("It takes two trees to produce enough oxygen for one person to breathe"~Canadian equivalent of our EPA), nuclear energy (The Japanese no longer favor it). By learning about environmental issues in our own backyard as well as around the world, we can better protect our planet for our families and future generations.

gmo chart


Discover emerging artists in the local area as well as established talent around the country and world.

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A:TIMES NEWS experts help you plan not only affordable and fun day-trips but extended vacations.

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A:TIMES NEWS  includes how to get the best deals for destinations in the South from Southern Airways, flying out of Peachtree-DeKalb Airport!

southern airways


A:TIMES NEWS spotlights small family-owned vineyards in the state and the world, local wines available at nearby farmers' markets,  ancient growing traditions, gourmet recipes for wine pairings.

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A:TIMES NEWS supports charities working hard to better the world. Our paper proudly profiles and advertises nonprofit organizations such as Mustard Seed Communities. We promote their Christmas Teddy bear collection effort to gather 6,000 new or used stuffed animals for the children in the ghettos of Jamaica. Last year some children waited all Christmas Day, but we ran out of Teddy bears. That won't happen again.  Please contact

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