About Our Newspaper:

Based in North Atlanta, we are DIGITAL plus we hand-deliver our FREE newspapers to 50,000 readers and businesses in Brookhaven, Buckhead, Chamblee, Doraville, Dunwoody and Norcross, Georgia. 

     Our volunteer reporters are solar, nuclear and environmental engineers, constitutional lawyers and financial, tax and health advisors.

    As members of the Brookhaven, Chamblee, DeKalb and Dunwoody Chamber of Commerces, we are proud to report on local  environmental, business, health, art and political issues that affect us and our families now and for a long time to come.

Our Goal

We are a 100% Volunteer 501(c)3 charity of neighbors networking as a newspaper to improve the image and quality of life in our community.  We keep you informed so we can all work together for our families and future generations.

Neighbors helping Neighbors

Our paper was started in 2012, by neighbors upset with the clear cutting of our beautiful wooded neighborhoods. The City of
Brookhaven altered the local tree protection ordinance to allow developers to cut down specimen trees centuries old, affecting all of North Atlanta. Our air does not follow city or property lines.  

     "It takes two trees to create enough oxygen for one person to breathe"                                                                                    ~Environment Canada (Canada's EPA)

     Clear cutting costs our area in air quality, soil and sedimentation control, flooding and home values as well as natural beauty lost for centuries to come.  Residents of new cities hold the politicians and staff individually and severally responsible for allowing the clear cutting of centuries-old specimen trees.

Mission Statement

Our citizen volunteers include representatives of business, neighborhoods, academia, economic development and government working to enhance our community experience by developing a vibrant environment for sharing information that affects us all.

     This collaborative culture enables us to focus on education, the environment, workforce development, technology acceleration, charitable giving, government relations and community development initiatives through social media, green technologies, sharing platforms and increasing investment in innovation, infrastructure, entrepreneurship and international trades.

Contact aTimesNews@mail.com or 470.443.9989 in Atlanta, GA, USA, to talk with our dedicated staff!